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How's it going guys?

Wow it's been sooo incredibly long.
I'm on my christmas break now aaannd
I'm not really going anywhere for Christmas.
Sooo, I'll be pretty on here ALL DAY 8D Everyday <3

I missed you guys terribly.
I hate college. :|

I want to be a student in deviantART. Jeez.

Anyway! Ask away! I'll be working on the admin herp questions
and I'll also RP and stuff :]

I terribly missed you guys and I hope you enjoy the holidays! <3

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((If I'm on your friends list, and I'm invisible, I'm sleeping or am not logged in. :heart: Will take effect this May 15 on also my other accounts :iconask-leotheoracle: :iconcaptain-checkered: ))

Name: Elise
Age: 16
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hi I'm Elise, the Sound Princess from the Sound Kingdom C:

My kingdom is located near a waterfall, a volcano, and a forest. Pretty strange I know. Anyway, if you have any questions, please ask! :)


Titania is the Queen of the Rock Kingdom (a.k.a Hardcore Kingdom) before she was married to Antone the human. This was several years before. For him to get married to her, he had to become part rock as well and so he did. Titania had two children, Elise and Cray. Cray is the older twin and only other boy in the family. Elise and Cray both had rock skin but underneath it was human flesh and bone.

Antone, the father of Elise and Cray. Titania, the mother of Elise and Cray. When Elise and Cray were only 6 years old, the parents had a huge fight about who was the better parent. So they made a wager. Whichever child is the most successful than the other, has the better parent. Elise was taken by her father while Cray went with Titania. Ever since then, Elise was never allowed to see Cray again.


Rock City is where most of the subjects of the Hardcore Kingdom came from. Most of the Rock people stayed in the city while the loyal subjects of Titania stayed within the walls of the Hardcore Kingdom. King Antone made his own kingdom 'The Sound Kingdom' and the rock people who loved music (or the king) would stay there. Elise stays in the Sound Kingdom and is the 'Sound Princess' while Cray is in the Hardcore Kingdom and is the 'Hardcore Prince'. They keep in touch and sneak out often to see each other and hang out. Elise has recently turned 16 so she is now eligible to get engaged and get married. (( LOL who'd want that? ))


((Fun Fact: Adagio is the official name of the genderbent of Elise))
((Fun fact: Altonio is the butler of Elise. :meow: Etude is the name of the maid of Adagio x) ))
((Fun fact: Elise has a brother named Cray))

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